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"I learned more in this class than in all the others combined."

Rick Vanatta
Owner, Ricon Inc.
Parker, CO


"We knew in the first five minutes this was going to be different... after returning home we applied the first principle of marketing that we learned, which added thousands of dollars in the first few months."

Matt & Jennifer Meekhof
1-800 Water Damage
Grand Rapids, MI


"It's exactly what I needed. It has shown me where our "holes" were in our thinking that were causing our campaigns to fail. The structured plans gave me the confidence to know that if I follow the appropriate steps our chances for success are much higher."

Devona Obrien
Marketing Manager, Preventech
Louisville, KY


"Planning to Win was everything to me; it flipped a switch within me and gave me the tools to implement what I have learned. It took all these fragmented pieces inside and formed them into a complete picture with the ability to know how to start utilizing them. I am so thankful I was a part of it."

Melissa Baysore
Director of Marketing, Steamway’s Restoration Specialists
Sioux Falls, SD


"It's been a great experience. I've learned lots about building and growing my business through a six-step marketing process where you can build interest with agents and then turn around and get them to refer your work. It's been a great experience and I'd recommend it to anyone."

Darin Jenks
Ogden, UT


"It is real world "meat and potatoes" that you can take home and put to work immediately. No gimmicks. I can be in charge of our marketing, getting the specific results I want. I don't have to let the marketing plans of our company be thrown around by today's urgent need, like a beach ball in the ocean. John's spreadsheets are terrific. The in-class application to my company and real take-home tools for tomorrow morning are what I liked most about Planning to Win."

Brad Hoblit
Office Manager, Boone Restoration
Clayton, OH


"This is valuable information. I'm interested in expanding many ideas in my market. It's a great stepping stool for a new marketing campaign. The instructors are extremely knowledgeable and helpful. They are emotionally invested, sincere, and it's evident they care about this industry."

Brittany Davis
Director of Communications, Emergency Restoration Inc.
New Orleans, LA


"I would recommend Planning to Win. We're looking forward to applying some of these concepts to our marketing plan. Thank you! The Planning to Win Seminar was fantastic. It gave me a great perspective on getting into the minds of the various target markets, finding out what really matters most to them, and helping them solve some of their issues. It's easy to see how this can facilitate a strong relationship with a key referral source. Also, the networking was great. It's always good to hear different perspectives from people in your industry. Thanks for everything!"

Dave Manderine
Sales & Marketing Manager, Akrosteam
Akron, OH


"I am now fully equipped with the knowledge and tools to not only market our company better, but a fool-proof plan to implement a full marketing process that will target my client in a more productive, beneficial way. The practical information along with the workshops and one on one advice was extremely helpful. Before, I felt like I was fishing in an ocean hoping to catch something; now I feel like I have the tools to fish in a stock pond with a bunch of hungry fish. "

Earl and Gail Cook
Owner, Peniel Environmental
Wilton, NH


"The one page marketing plan is what I liked most about Planning to Win."

Paul Grabowski
Lavergne, TN


"I would say if you're not applying these marketing principles, you will stay flat or fail. I'm looking forward to applying these principles ASAP. Really great perspective on marketing. Can't wait to implement this program into our marketing plans! Very good, hit many key points and very good perspective on narrowing our markets. Well presented!! Great value! Very good mix of education and vendors."

Bill Jackson
Business Development Representative, JP Maguire Associates
Waterbury, CT


"It's a real eye opening experience. It is an opportunity to refine my skills and establish a better focused marketing plan. The class can really help me examine my targets, increase sales and move my company to first in the local market. John's knowledge is terrific. Excellent communication skills – a positive force in the room. Brent's life experiences were entertaining and very useful. His insights were delivered well to the class."

Jimmy Quirk
Manchester, TN


"I would strongly recommend the Accelerated Marketing program. I found this to be an extremely helpful program whatever your experience. The takeaways from this are worth years of mistakes and missteps. Thanks!"

Jay Van Deusen
President, Rainbow International of Northeastern Maryland
Bel Air, MD


"The instructors were great at making things simple to follow. I loved learning about the process map. A must do training for anyone in restoration."

Derek West
Ramsey, MN


"We learned a lot. Thinking we were looking for a way to generate more work and realized we needed to fix within first. It opened our eyes to a whole different world."

Crystal Anderson
N. Las Vegas, NV


"Well worth the money. You will learn strategies here you won't learn anywhere else. The seminar will change the way you think about marketing, give you 6 specific steps to follow, and force you to constantly define your efforts."

Wayne Provost
Executive Vice President, JP Maguire Associates
Waterbury, CT


"Great event. High value for the cost. Can't wait to use John's spreadsheets. I wish I could train my brain to work like Brent's. A wealth of information."

Jim Chiodo
Vancouver, WA


"I will no longer hope to get business from someone. I now have a plan to know I will get business."

Matt Reid
Sales Marketing Director, On the Spot Solutions
Blackfoot, ID