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John Adam Kowalski - Pivot Productions, Inc

John's experience began almost 40 years ago pulling sooty contents out of fire damaged properties for his father's restoration company during the hot Arizona summer months of his high school years. After graduating from Northwestern University, and spending the next year working toward an MBA as a financial analyst, he rejoined the family restoration business as the financial controller to indulge his love of spreadsheets and money.

During his tenure as CEO, the company increased revenues over 1,500%, opened a branch office in Tucson, expanded to 5 divisions, and had a workforce of over 100 employees. He sold his shares in the company in 2001 and has since been available nationally as a business consultant, executive coach, meeting facilitator, and speaker.

Brent Bowthorpe - Delta Business Solutions

If you are tired of the ups and downs of traditional marketing you are in for a refreshing and transforming experience. Brent is best known for his ability to simplify business into practical things you can do every day. He has been selling since he was 8 years old. He'll bring you perspective you've never thought of, and teach you how to prosper... and have fun doing it!

Brent is a tactical thinker and out-of-the-box manager and owner of Class One Disaster Recovery in Murray, Utah. His processes can change your company's management, growth and value. When it comes to marketing, Brent can show you how to change the game and win. When you're ready to choose when, where, and how to grow, Brent is here to teach you the critical business processes to do just that.