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Mar 30 - Apr 1, 2015

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Are vendor programs, too many competitors, and large franchises affecting your ability to grow?

Triple the effectiveness of your marketing.

The nation's first marketing-specific educational program for the restoration professional, our Accelerated Marketing Program provides an intensely focused lecture/workshop curriculum to ensure your success in marketing to any sector you target: insurance agents and adjusters, plumbers, property managers, governments, schools, home owner associations, fire departments, and any others you choose.

Not only will you learn how to set your business apart from your competitors, but you will create a complete, customized marketing plan that includes strategies and tactics - for your specific company that you can implement immediately!

Classes fill up quickly, so register today to assure your future success.

Approved for 2 IICRC Credits and 19.5 RIA Credit Hours

Marketing principles you will learn:

Focusing on the strategies of marketing to your chosen targets in the restoration industry, this 3-day class is best suited to owners, management, and marketing professionals. This intense lecture/workshop curriculum teaches you how to:

Ask yourself, "Why would someone refer me?"

If you answered, "I do better work, I offer 24 hr. emergency service, I'm honest, I'm bigger (or smaller) than my competition, I'm faster, I'm trained, my techs are trained, etc., etc."

We would respond, "That's not good enough anymore! That's exactly what your competition says and frankly speaking, that's expected! If you don't offer these services and expertise, you likely won't be in business much longer, or at the least, you'll always struggle."

You need something more!
Planning to Win is the answer to learn how to thrive in highly competitive markets, and inside or outside of vendor programs.


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